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"Imagining things in my head and hoping that one day it happens" ♥


"i feel fat"
said the girl
who weighs less
than the girl
she’s talking to.

"i feel unloved"
says the girl
who receives
countless chocolates
on a Valentine
and is admired
by every student
in their campus
to the girl
who gets back-stabbed
by the people
she thought was
"her friends"


  Stonefield candids


I want what they have!

It’s like a dream to work with him. He’s obviously one of the greatest actors I think we have alive today… and he’s also just a remarkable human being. I love him very much." —Emma about Andrew

I’ll write a book one day about how I feel about every aspect of Emily Stone. She’s a full genius. Or she has found her genius and she’s doing it all so fully and beautifully. I think everyone who works with her, everyone who brushes shoulders with her, or even makes eye contact with her, gets a shot of sunshine." — Andrew about Emma

Andrew casually checking up on Emma

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield at the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Rome Photocall (April 14, 2014).

I think I’ve learned a lot by being around him and, you know, he is an incredibly important person to me.”